~ In A Vase On Monday – Sunlit Stargazers ~

Our next-door-neighbor dropped by to wish us welcome home with two of her gorgeous stargazer lily blossoms. Carolyn, sweet as the flower, removed the pollen stamens to extend the life of the cut blossom.


Lilium orientalis ‘Stargazer’ and Huechera (generic)

The ceramic vase was a gift from my wonderful niece, Lynn. I love how the lotus-like lines of the vase going up, harmonize with the shape and curves of the wide-open flowers.


With the pond backdrop and sunlight casting shadows, this one is special!


Thanks to Cathy, at  Rambling in the Garden to give me another way to get grounded back home!


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~ Wenatchee ~

It was difficult to leave Shady Pines Resort on Friday. We liked the cabin, the intimacy of the resort and I was pleased at how unspoiled the entire place remains.


View of Shady Pines from Conconully Dam

On the road to Wenatchee, we drove into a thunderstorm with strong winds, occasional lightening flashes and rain mixed with hail.



Driving into the Wenatchee Valley, we emerged from the storm, for which I was very grateful.

The main reason for visiting Wenatchee, was to spread ashes of my mother and father upon the graves of Mom’s parents, Charles (Bill) and Fannie Twitchell, as Dad had specifically requested. I did the same at the gravesite of my father’s brother, George.

I had no script, nor prepared prayer or quote, just the spirit moving within me, which was full of love, appreciation, tender thoughts and heartfelt thanksgiving for the life these precious people gave their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren  — the unbroken circle.


From the cemetery we drove to the house my parents built at 310 Shady Lane, and where I lived in the formative years of grade school, age 6-12.


Then we were on the road again, to Yakima for some time to reflect.

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~ Conconully by Canoe + WPC – Cherry On Top ~

Thursday afternoon, I rented a canoe and paddled Jello over to the 72 foot high (~21 m) earthen dam that created this reservoir. Constructed by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation in 1910-11, and reconstructed in 1969, the Conconully Dam is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

IMG_5854 View of the dam taken on my morning walk (7/21) from Shady Pines to Salmon Creek.

1,075 feet (328 m) long at its crest, the dam impounds Salmon Creek for flood control and irrigation storage. I remembered the creek valley on the other side and wanted to see it again.

Off-leash, Jello sniffed and romped as we walked along the crest.


From the dam we cruised the north shore to the delta of Salmon Creek.

In the marsh I spotted a pair of Cedar Waxwings, while Belted Kingfishers scolded and dove for small fry, and Pintail Ducks scooted through the reeds and took flight.

As I came to the drop-off from the creek to the basin, memories of fun and adventure over 55 years ago, filled me with joy!

Though Scotch Thistle Onopordum acanthium, is an invasive weed, seeing one silhouetted upon Queen Anne’s lace Daucus carota, is my cherry on top!



Cherry On Top

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~ Shady Pines Resort – Conconully, Washington ~


When I was in grade school, my parents would bundle us kids into the pickup with camping gear and fishing boat, and drive from Wenatchee to ‘Harry’s Resort’ (now Shady Pines) on Conconully Reservoir, near Omak.


My memories of those times are of fun with my family, fishing, exploring up the creek with my brother and sister, and looking for frogs and pollywogs along the shoreline.

 It is still a peaceful place; family oriented, quiet and small.

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~ Wordless Wednesday ~


Elkin’s Resort, Priest Lake, Idaho

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~ At Jocelyn’s Cabin In The Woods ~


Priest Lake, Idaho

Jocelyn met us in Newport and we drove in tandem to her cabin. Her husband is working so he can’t be here, and both children are grown and making their way in life. Jocelyn and I met when we both served on the board of directors for the Washington Education Association. We nurtured our friendship at all the meetings and events, then expanded it to visiting one another in our homes whenever we could. Coming to her cabin has been an open invitation for many years, and we are all happy that we could work it out this time!

After getting settled in, Jocelyn took us to Hill’s Resort and then Elkin’s, where we relaxed outside with drinks, a refreshing breeze and lovely vista.


Cheer’s from Elkin’s Resort on Priest Lake, Idaho!

Then we fixed dinner at the cabin and talked until bedtime!

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~ In A Vase On Monday — Wedding Flowers ~

Creighton, Jello and I are staying with our friend Jocelyn, at her cabin on Priest Lake, Idaho. Just two days ago she was in Seattle for the wedding of her younger brother. Since she was driving home, and the bridesmaids were flying, Jocelyn salvaged their bouquets for our enjoyment.


Rambling in the Garden



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