~ Wordless Wednesday ~


Mallard’s ~ 8 weeks +/-

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~ Classmates ~ Reunion ~ 1967 – 2017 ~

Fifty years have rolled along since I graduated from high school at the age of 18.  This past weekend Creighton, Jello and I were in Pullman, WA – USA, to attend a reunion with my classmates and their mates.  I’m still absorbing the energy.


To show up is an act of trust, a declaration of humility, and  an affirmation that we are who we were — though older and wiser now.


Night shot of Pullman and Washington State University from State Street.

June 24, 2017.


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~ Birds Eye View ~ Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient ~

Black-headed Grosbeaks are extremely wary birds — quick to exit stage left the minute they see you and long before you can get your camera up and ready.  


Today, for the first time ever, two visited the feeder on my deck.  I knew if I moved they’d be gone, so I just watched them.  Later, while I was in the kitchen with my camera at hand, one of them returned!  Wow — happy first day of summer in the Western Hemisphere!

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~ Sunshine ~ In A Vase On Monday er…Tuesday! ~

My hydrangea blossoms are now in their light green/white/pale blue stage, and raspberries are ripening quickly.  Today’s vase (in my favorite heavy crystal one that holds heavy-headed stems well) is a mix of day lilies and penstemon.


At nine o’clock this evening we will experience the Summer Solstice so today is the last day of spring and tomorrow, the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere. Early summer is almost always lovely in the Pacific Northwest!

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for highlighting the beauty of cut stems.

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~ Stillness Verses Action ~ WPC: Focus ~

One morning while Jello and I explored the beach, I noticed three Turkey Vultures Cathartes aura gleaning the carcass of a pelican.  As I approached, the buzzards were loath to leave their prize.  My goal was to get close enough to snap a clear photo of the birds.


Later, as I looked through the shots I’d taken, I found those of the birds in action were much more interesting and exciting than the clear, clean shot I originally thought I wanted!



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~ Wordless Wednesday ~


Long Beach, WA ~ June 9, 2017

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~ Creating Order From Chaos ~ WPC: Order ~

I find it very satisfying to take something that is a chaotic mess and turning it into something beautiful, functional or just finished — like a basket of laundry or a jigsaw puzzle!


In early spring I posted a few times about my project to make the Willow tree remnant (aka stump) into a pleasing garden.  


As I worked on the project, pulling resources from my other gardens and spending time in the space, a vision started to take shape.


Always ready to soak in the sun and help me out, Jello attended my efforts!


Early morning and afternoon sunlight shines into this little nook, making it a nice place for coffee or a glass of wine!

To me, order is in the aesthetic that meets my eye. If something I’m working on isn’t visually pleasing, it nags at me until I figure out a solution!


chaos order

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