~ Weekly Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green! ~

I love being outdoors, so all shades of green attract my eye.

Looking forward to more green things emerging in my gardens as spring rolls along!

It IS Easy Being Green!

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~ In A Vase On Monday ~

The last time I participated in Cathy’s IAVOM challenge was January 3. For a few weeks there was absolutely nothing blooming or even tantalizing in my soaked and thrashed gardens. Also, I’ve been away more than home for a couple months, but this morning I’m here, the rain is holding off and I have spring flowers lifting their lovely faces to be admired.


Camelia Japonica ‘Glen 40’, Forsythia, Primula ‘Belarina Cream’ and ‘Belarina Pink Ice’

The shallow bowl with birds on the edge cheers me as I hope for some sunshine in our future. Two days in a row of sun, are predicted for the end of this week — the first such occurrence since November 2016! To see more lovely flower arrangements and learn more about what’s blooming in gardens around the world please visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden .

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~ Approaching Vertigo ~ Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop ~

This week’s challenge is to experiment with point of view with the theme “Atop.”

P1020099 - Version 2

The Pinnacles in Crater Lake National Park, Oregon — USA

whirling vortex

Stairway Down in Point Loma Lighthouse, San Diego, CA — USA


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~ Wishing Rocks ~ Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish ~

When I first read the story of the wishing rock in a small journal of the San Juan Islands (around 1983) I thought it was a cool local myth. “A wishing rock is any stone found on the beach that is completely encircled by a ring.  The ring must not be broken or the wish won’t come true.”  Peggy Sue McRae


The story goes that one is to stand at the shore, facing away from the water, and toss the selected stone back over your shoulder as you make a wish. Long ago I gave up on turning my back to the ocean — in part because I want to see it — but also because it was very easy to lose my balance and tumble backwards into the water! Not what I wished for!!!

IMG_0568 - Version 2

One year, while I explored the shoreline near Doughty Point (north of Beach Haven on Orcas Island) I came upon the biggest wishing rock I’d ever seen. How many desires and aspirations might there be in this magnificent boulder? Maybe enough to quiet a village or sooth a civilization.


Since reading the legend, Creighton and I have made a ritual of tossing a wish rock into the surf before our journey home. It is like saying a prayer.


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~ Always Look Back ~ WPC: The Road Taken ~

On a walk through Cape Disappointment State Park (Ilwaco, WA – USA)

I looked back to see this view.


The trail I’d taken provided many compelling sites, just as the path ahead offered mystery and anticipation.


Now we have a “home away from home,” the beach trail is our favorite!


 The Road Taken

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~ My Apology + WPC: A Good Match ~

For those of you who follow me (and those whom I follow) please accept my apology for being absent without explanation the past two weeks. On February tenth my husband and I finally took possession of the condo we purchased at Longbeach, WA USA. Since that day my time, energy and attention have been consumed by fixing and spiffing up this already lovely place!

In response to Ben Huberman’s challenge to “share a photo of a satisfying pairing from our own life,” I offer this snapshot of Jello nestled into a doggie footprint shawl.

img_6704 They do seem a perfect match!

A Good Match

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~ Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadows ~

Every picture has it’s shadow and it has some source of light

blindness and sight…


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