~ Bird Haiku + WPC: Wanderlust ~

This past week at Long Beach, WA, breeding and migrating birds were the main attraction for me. Tree Swallows and Barn Swallows swooped through the air, cleaning out marsh bugs and flirting with potential mates.


barn swallows on rail

a couple ready to nest

one chatters one preens


gulping mosquitos

tree swallows sail above marsh

upwards and onwards

Canada Goose formations flew over every morning…


goose formations call

streaking north wave after wave

migration inborn

…while residents remained elusive.


Mallards drakes are in full plumage.


hen mallard broods nest

precocial duckling peeks out

attentive drake guards


marsh water paddle

mama duck chicks in a line

teaches foraging


to the nest at dusk

full-bellied chicks follow mom

drake keeps guard in rear


Shorebirds also are migrating through, and some will remain resident. I’m determined to learn their true names, so after field photos I dug into field guides!

More bird haiku to come!


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~ Wordless Wednesday ~


4/25/2017 ~ Long Beach, WA  USA

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~ Mid-Spring at The Breakers + WPC: Earth ~

After three weeks away, much is changing in the marshland between our condominium and the beach. Though rains continue to sweep through the region, the spread of the water is decreasing.


View from our deck 4/24/17

The Mallard couple we watched before, now have a brood of fledges around 1-2 weeks old. When I saw her sitting on the nest, I wondered what she was doing– if you look closely there’s a second little head in the reeds!



See the fledging near her tail feathers?

“Within a week after hatching, Mallard ducklings double their weight…their thick down keeps their skin dry when they’re swimming, but they get cold easily at first, so the mother broods them frequently during the first two weeks.”



“Able to feed themselves, Mallard ducklings don’t beg from their mothers. From the time they leave the nest, they peck at dark spots and small objects; the mother’s job is to bring them to the best feeding areas and protect them.”

Into The Nest, Erickson & Reed; Storey Publishing 2015 (www.storey.com)

Photo Challenge: Earth

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~ Mother Earth Haiku ~


your Christmas cactus

blooming on Easter Monday

so like you dear friend




you gave me prized rocks

each one with its history

of beauty and love




we strolled the pathway

synchronous in nurturing

gardens and girlfriends




mother earth gaia

primal goddess of all life

altar to stillness 



via Photo Challenge: Earth


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~ Wordless Wednesday ~


Jello – 4/18/17


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~ Easter Monday Vase ~

A small posy of red and creamy primroses is my subject for In A Vase on Monday, Cathy’s challenge at Rambling in the Garden .


Primula ‘Belarina Valentine’ and Primula ‘Belarina Cream’


Posting this on Tuesday since I am learning how to use the i-photo set-up on my new computer — what had taken me five minutes, now takes a half hour — but I am making progress!

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~ Willow Garden In Progress ~

Though there is no chance of resurrecting the Pacific Willow tree, restoring a sense of calm and beauty to this garden is my main focus this week. There have been showers and more in the forecast, but that doesn’t bother an intrepid old landscaper like me! It’s actually perfect weather for the kind of work I’m doing.



once a mighty tree

now a hollowed-out remnant

rebirth of willow


just to be outside

breeze in hair sun warming earth

renewal abounds


April 15, 2017

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