Essential Elements ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Inspiration

High temperatures here have topped 100°f (38°c) since Tuesday. By late afternoon yesterday, as the usual marine westerly blew in, trees were withering in hot wind, shrubs wilting, birds had sheltered and the koi were seeking the bottom of my fairly shallow pond. Everything needed cooling moisture, so I set up a sprinkler that sprayed a fine shower over the corner around the pond.

P1040474 Water refreshed everything.  While I sat enjoying the cooling air, birds flitted in and out of the spray.

“My own Monet,” I thought, as I snapped a succession of shots, with sunlight filtering through the firs behind the pond, water droplets hitting the surface creating a whirl of overlapping concentric circles on the surface, along with the koi making their own waves.

The magic of nature and the ability to create beauty with natural elements always inspires me.


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~~~ Wordless Wednesday ~~~


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Tuesday’s with Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge ~ Ridin’ high!

Saw this on the roof of a house in Oakridge, Oregon, as I was driving through. Just had to circle back so I could get a photo.



It was a private residence, so I didn’t want to intrude, but you can see why I did the double-take!



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~ Monochrome Monday ~

There’s a squirrel up there!


Crescent Creek, Oregon USA

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Where Rocks are Born – Reprise ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Up Close

Rocks — birthed of the earth


 shucked from their moorings

IMG_0561.JPG - Version 3


 tossed in the tideland


 smoothed by motion of ocean and wind.

rocks are born 1 - Version 2

Doughty Point, Orcas Island, WA USA

Close Up“>


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Quiet Morning ~ Odell Lake ~ Calm

Been fishing with my sister, Diana, and brother-in-law, Les, at Odell Lake, which is right at the summit of Willamette Pass (Hwy. 58) in Oregon, USA.


A big lake, when the wind picks up it can get mighty choppy.  Yesterday morning all was calm.  We had a good catch — 16 nice sized Kokanee (Silver) Trout.  Jello and I head back home today with lots of warm memories!

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~~~ Wordless Wednesday ~~~


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