~ Caligula Haiku ~ 5/11/17 ~ Take Two ~

Guess I was a bit upset this morning (also in a hurry) when I posted my caLLigula haiku! Sorry about that, but somehow striking the L twice made me feel more powerful — more in control — an illusion.


grandstand showboat mate

caught in lines of spun nonsense

hangs in sticky web


I am not a crook

Caligula spouts to world

transparent as glass


false intentions lie

deceit intended

deception in check


Stay tuned to NPR and other balanced news sources — this is only the beginning.

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~ Haiku ~ Caligula is not America ~

caligula fears

subterfuge disintegrates

denial backfires


feeble and flabby

caligula fires false hoods

shoots himself in foot


stonewall excuses

stumble crumble turn to dust

we provide strong wind

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~ “Slip Slidin’ Away” ~ WPC: Danger! ~

From fall to late spring in the Pacific Northwest, moss can turn sidewalks and driveways into dangerous places to tread.


“You know the nearer your destination
The more you’re slip slidin’ away”

Paul Simon

I feel this way about my country right now. We were on a path of acceptance, hope and inclusion. Since Trump was inaugurated, so much has slid out of reach, and the threat of more damage to come sickens me. I continue to resist and refuse to be sucked into thinking it’s all okay — it is not — it is dangerous.


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~ Re-post of Tina Schell: Sinister Swamp – WPC Danger ~

Tina’s work is always above and beyond the norm, so I wanted you who follow me to see this fine example of her nuanced word and image collage.

Source: Sinister Swamp – WPC Danger

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~ Wordless Wednesday ~


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~ Shorebirds ~ Bird Haiku + WPC: Wanderlust 2 ~

In my last post I mentioned my goal to identify the various shorebirds I was able to photograph. This one was all alone, foraging the shallows along a fresh-water marsh at Long Beach, WA.


alert black eyes watch

solitary stilt walker

edges the shallows


salt and pepper plumes

observant eye on water

Greater Yellowleg

Sibley’s field guide shows me there are several Genus within the Sandpiper (Scolopacidae) family. The Greater Yellowleg is in the Genus Tringa, which has four species. Genus Calidris has fifteen species — all looking somewhat alike — though each with distinct characteristics.


white bellied loner

layered brown feathers atop

wonder who you are


preens with eye on me

unruffled by intrusion

returns to breakfast


I believe this is a Baird’s Sandpiper — “Uncommon on damp upper edges of mudflats and sometimes in short-grass fields.” Sibley 

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~ Bird Haiku + WPC: Wanderlust ~

This past week at Long Beach, WA, breeding and migrating birds were the main attraction for me. Tree Swallows and Barn Swallows swooped through the air, cleaning out marsh bugs and flirting with potential mates.


barn swallows on rail

a couple ready to nest

one chatters one preens


gulping mosquitos

tree swallows sail above marsh

upwards and onwards

Canada Goose formations flew over every morning…


goose formations call

streaking north wave after wave

migration inborn

…while residents remained elusive.


Mallards drakes are in full plumage.


hen mallard broods nest

precocial duckling peeks out

attentive drake guards


marsh water paddle

mama duck chicks in a line

teaches foraging


to the nest at dusk

full-bellied chicks follow mom

drake keeps guard in rear


Shorebirds also are migrating through, and some will remain resident. I’m determined to learn their true names, so after field photos I dug into field guides!

More bird haiku to come!


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