‘Tis the Season ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Twinkle

 Joyeux Noel tout le monde!


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Ice & Snow ~ Sunday Stills ~ Walking Through A Winter Wonderland


Snow in Vancouver, USA occurs infrequently; once a year — maybe twice or not at all. Every once in a while we get snow at the holidays.

IMG_2040.JPGAfter the snow, we often experience a “silver thaw.” Vancouver is located on the banks of the Columbia River where strong east winds funnel through the gorge freezing any melting snow into sheets of ice on trees, roads – everything.


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Pacific Quest ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Gone, But Not Forgotten

Whenever I walk by this sign, it gives me pause to contemplate what it must have been like to navigate this country over two hundred years ago.

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Another Beagle Wins My Heart ~ Sunday Stills ~ Pets

On November 7, Miss Jello came to live with us from the home of a loving young owner who needed to place her right away.

IMG_1595_2Two days later we hosted a family baby shower and Jello was very much into it!

IMG_1659Yesterday, about twenty friends and neighbors came to our home for a Welcome Yule/Pearl Harbor Day party.

It appears a good time was had by all! IMG_1731 - Version 2Another Beagle winning my heart!



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Come Together ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Converge

This week’s challenge is to explore how lines and shapes can converge in interesting ways. In these photos, taken on a recent visit to Orcas Island, the lines in nature brought my focus to a point in the distance and created a sense of wonder and mystery in the process!

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1970 Vietnam War Protest ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Accomplishment

As this week of highlighting “accomplishment” comes to a close, I feel compelled to talk about my participation in student protests against the war in Vietnam. It was a time of passion on college campuses, and a defining moment for our country. Creighton and I had been married less than a year. We were both students at the UW; he was a month away from earning his BA and I was a junior. When the call came out to march, we joined in. We walked side by side past the Burke Museum, west on 45th Street and onto I-5. When faced with a line of SWAT police officers, those of us in the front sat down.

Seattle3-May-5th-257This was one of many marches that occurred across the nation — and it made a difference. The leaders of our country could no longer ignore the rising tide of civil discontent. I still am proud to have been a part of this remarkable, grassroots movement, which remains as proof that when a group of people have a reasonable argument that is ignored by their leaders, they will rise — and change will occur.

Seattle2-May-5th-cropThanks to Al Young — who marched with Creighton and me and is still a dear friend — for giving me the link to these photos: http://www.pophistorydig.com

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Project V ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Achievement

There are many things I’ve done successfully which required effort, courage and/or skill. Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, 45 year marriage (through better and worse, in sickness and in health) a 30 year career, a home to live in and a yard to play in. When I started this blog, my goal was to “be the artist I am.”

Recently, I completed five illuminations to illustrate a poem that will be in Judi Goldberg’s (judigoldberg.wordpress.com) upcoming hand-made book of poems — Cross Purposes. In a future post I will provide photos of the making of these illuminations. In response to this week’s challenge here are the five finished V’s — an achievement I treasure.

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