Bending Light ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Refraction

Refraction occurs when light passes into a transparent material. Instead of reflecting or changing the path of light (as my Sparkle photos of light on water show) refraction bends the light, changes its direction as it passes into another transparent material of a different density, like glass, water or lenses. The best examples I have in my archives are from a visit to Old Point Loma Lighhouse in San Diego, CA.

Point Lorma was one of the original 8 west coast (USA) lighthouses built in 1855 in a Cape Cod style. Its forty foot tower rises from the center of the lighthouse keeper’s house, and is fitted with a third-order *Fresnel lens.

The site has a small museum with displays including the third-order Fresnel lens from the New Point Loma Lighthouse, and the fourth-order lens from the Ballast Point Lighthouse.

P1000630The third-order *Fresnel lens (above & below) has twelve bull’s-eyes. Its focal length is 500 mm and it has an optical area of 1.576 mm.

P1000632 - Version 2

The fourth-order *Fresnel lens (below) has a focal length of 250 mm and an optical area of .722 mm.

* French physicist Augustin Fresnel (1788-1827) reasoned that it was the surface curvature of lenses which gave it focusing power. He reproduced the surface curvature of a thick lens in sections, maintaining the same focal length with a fraction of the weight. The lens strength in diopters is defined as the inverse of the focal length in meters.
Now I see the light!

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Sparkle ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Refraction

As long as I can remember the phenomenon of light refracting in clouds and reflecting on water has fascinated me. Perhaps it is because I was near, or on the water often while growing up. Here are some examples.


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What’s in a Hat? ~ Sunday Stills ~ Hmmmm

Not sure the intent of this week’s Sunday Stills, but it includes light and a hat, so here is my contribution; the rainbow hat of a dear friend, as it rests on the table next to my wine glass, during a remarkable conversation at a recent high school class “mini-reunion”.


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Misty Island ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Dreamy

This week’s photo challenge is to show an image that looks dreamy to me; perhaps a scene that looks a bit out-of-this world.


Freeman Island floats in the foggy bay of President’s Channel, off the western edge of Orcas Island. Inhabited by birds, seals and other wildlife, it is an easy canoe trip from Beach Haven, where this photo was taken. Caught in the late afternoon light on a misty October day, it looks like an enchanted Isle – a Brigadoon in the ocean.

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Hand Crafted Boat ~ Sunday Stills ~ On The Water

After he retired, my father built his dream boat; all wood, wide and deep enough for comfortable lake fishing and coastal crabbing. What a beauty she was!

Pics Scannded From Dad Low  (92)Odell Lake, Oregon USA

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Sanctum ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Signs

This week’s photo challenge is to share an image of a sign that holds meaning. Many of the photos I have posted to the Weekly Photo Challenge, were taken at this magical place.

IMG_0648.JPG copy The summer after my first year in public education (1983), I insisted Creighton and I have a “real vacation.” To me that meant going somewhere special, and the San Juan Islands, was my first choice. I phoned all over and finally was able to get three nights at Beach Haven, on Orcas Island. We loaded our new bicycles onto the pickup and took off. The following year we had a week in a cabin, and ever since we have had one or two weeks of R&R, with Beach Haven as our home base. We will be there again soon.

IMG_0650.JPGA necessary reminder.

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Après l’orage ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Nighttime

It was after 10:00 when the storm passed.  Light still filtered through at the northwestern horizon, on the 49th parallel ~ Orcas Island, WA ~ USA.

IMG_0535Beach Haven ~ July, 2006.

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