Sanctuary ~ Sunday Stills ~ The Whole Garden

This is a collage of various gardens in my yard. It is about a quarter acre lot, and when we built, we asked that as many trees as possible be left standing. Thirty years later, I have landscaped every nook and cranny. The front yard is mostly sun all day, the back is shade, with a few hours of light here and there. It has been quite a learning experience for me to find a variety of plants that thrive in zone 7, sometimes in total shade!

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Profiles in Form ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Silhouette


 ~ an outline ~


 ~  contour, shape, shadow ~


~ an air of mystery ~


~ of hidden secrets ~


~ with undertones of something about to happen ~


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Picture Perfect ~ Sunday Stills ~ Flashcube Flashback

My brother-in-law, Les, and I were fishing in his boat on Bridge Lake, British Columbia, when a torrential downpour sent us back to shore. The 20hp motor didn’t go fast, so by the time we were getting close to camp, the storm clouds broke, revealing the descending sun. I asked Les if he thought my little Kodak Instamatic 110, could capture the beauty of the scene. “Might as well give it a try – you’ll never know otherwise,” he advised. I did, and the resulting picture has been a family favorite since 1973.

Pics Scannded From Dad Low  (84)Location: Bridge Lake is located on Fishing Highway 24, midway between Lone Butte (Hwy 24) and Little Fort on Highway 5, approximately 6 hours northeast of Vancouver, 2 hours from Kamloops in the Thompson Valley, and 35 miles (56 km) southeast of 100 Mile House on Cariboo Highway 97.


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Albino Wooly Worm ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Texture

Arthropods have always fascinated me. Somehow I grew up knowing to be cautious, but also that it was OK to be curious about what it was I was seeing. Instead of having an instant fear response, I still stop to wonder; “What is this. and how does it fit into the texture of life on earth?”

IMG_0732Virginian Tiger Moth or Yellow Woolybear Moth

Spilosoma virginica (Fabricius, 1798)


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Los Bambinos ~ Sunday Stills ~ Crowd Pleasers

P1000200Los Bambinos had the crowd’s rapt attention when they gave a sunset concert at Beach Haven Resort, Orcas Island, WA ~ July, 2012.


Polly G. Vicars – PVNN  Banderas

The eldest Bambino, Carlos Salinas Morelos, began his career jumping on city buses, singing for the passengers and hoping when he passed the hat he would pick up a few pesos. He progressed to singing with his friends José and Galindo in the group Luz de Luna in the restaurants of Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding beaches.

While Carlos was enjoying success both with the group and solo, his three younger brothers Lazzaro, Immer and Giorgio were playing and singing in the assemblies of their schools and their father, a musician who encouraged all his sons, suggested that they go out into the public and earn some money. Big brother Carlos spotted them one night hesitating in front of a restaurant, trying to get up their nerve to go in and ask people dining at the tables if they would like a song. Taking them in hand, they entered together, sang and played to enthralled diners.

The youngest, Giorgio, a plump 13-year-old at that time, whose voice had not yet changed, sang soprano like an angel! Lazzaro and Immer, 16 and 15, shy, slim, handsome young men, harmonized perfectly with older brother Carlos, 23, and “Los Bambinos,” the pet name their father had for them, were born! We knew that we were listening to future stars the first time they sang for us as we dined in the moonlight at our very favorite beachfront restaurant, La Palapa.

Soon this group of young musicians was attracting attention in Vallarta. People engaged them for private parties and in the restaurants a song at one table was almost always followed by many more requests from other tables. They produced their first recording, “Fiesta Music from Puerto Vallarta” that was soon a sell out.

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Metamorphosis ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ ZigZag

In the depth of winter, flowing water congeals, crystallizes; transforms into ice.

This week’s photo challenge is to show an image that, in its zigs and zags, tells a story.

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Drawing again

Finally found my sketchpad, nestled in a stack of read, and yet-to-be-read paperbacks in my bookcase. I wonder if I hid the sketchbook from myself; knowing intrinsically that I needed time away from what had become a self-imposed pressure to draw. It has been since winter, as the last drawing is of the rabbit I drew when a fire was blazing in the wood stove.

Finding my sketchbook today, I was ready. Once it was in my hands, I put pencils to paper, and now have a new drawing for Studebaker, and it is just what I wanted all along.

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